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Privacy policy

This privacy policy statement provides a clear and easy way of understanding of how we handle data. With this policy it becomes clear what kind of data we collect, why and how we use it.

This policy is applied in our website, app and all services provided by them. In case some different rules are applied from the general ones, these are stated by this policy. Unless something opposite is stated, every new part or service of this website or app belongs to this statement therefore to this privacy policy. Additionally, in case a new part of website or app and service that is added or modified and has a special policy, this policy is applied along with the current privacy policy.

In short the target of this privacy policy is to inform you about:

  1. Which personal data we collect, with what purpose, with who we are sharing this data and how it is used.
  2. The options that you have about the collection of personal data while using the website, app or any service.
  3. How you can contact us if you have questions related to collection and processing personal data in the website, app or service.

Purpose of the collection and processing

Our website or app collects data in order to ensure providing it’s services for it’s users. Some of them are collected during browsing and using the website or app. Personal data are provided by the visitor when a service is being used like the contact form or location related services. Our users belong to one of the following categories:

  1. Website visitors: When a user just visits the website, data are being collected for analysis purposes in order to improve user experience and the provided services. The data that is possible that are collected, are IP addresses, geographical areas, the operating system of the device, the browser used, the duration of the visit and other browsing related data. For collecting these data we have Google Analytics which collects data by using cookies. Cookies are files stored in the visitor’s browser and in this case the take part in analysing the website’s usage. In our website or app it is possible that ads are being displayed. These ads are being integrated by external providers, in this case Google Adsense. Similar cookies are being used by Google Adsense. (More information about Google Analytics here and about Google Adsense here).
  2. Service users: Personal data are being collected when a user tries to contact us via the contact forms. In particular, user can use personal data like first name, last name, address and every other data that user types in the fields ‘Subject’ and ‘Message’ of the contact form. These data are being used from Roadcosts administrators to contact users after their original message. In the usage data is also included the user’s location in case it is being asked from the browser or the app (Android or iOS). In the case that location is asked, it is used only for the purpose of service functionallity and is not being stored or provided to any third party.


We don’t provide for sale or rend any identification date in any third party. There is a high probability that general total demographic data are being shared with our partners or advertisers for the reasons stated above. These data are information not related to personal identification data of our users.

For running our website, app and services we use third party hosting providers. Personal data are not being shared to any third party for any reason, except the case that it is mandatory for legal reasons or with the user’s consent.

There is a case that our website or app displays external link to other websites or apps. In case a user is navigated to these pages, the same time the current privacy policy is not applied.

Time retained

Our website or app retains collected data only for the time that it is necessary, according the legal rules or with user’s consent. In case there are no legal obligations and has been used any form of data transmission, user has the right any time to ask for the full deletion of personal data by contacting us at or at


In the website or app, cookies are used in order to improve user experience or displaying ads. Browsers are storing cookies for historical or other reasons. In the browser used one can select if accepts cookies or to be informed a new cookie is added. However, if the cookies capability is deactivated, there is high probability that some of our services will not function as expected. Extended information related to which cookies Google Analytics are creating can be found here and for Google Adsense here. In our website the following cookies are being used:

_gaCookie for Google Analytics2 years
_gidCookie for Google Analytics24 hours
_ga_<container-id>Cookie for Google Analytics2 years
_gat_<costumer-name>Cookie for Google Analytics1 minute
__gsasCookie for Google Adsense3 months
__gadsCookie for Google Adsense3 months
__gpiCookie for Google Adsense13 months
pll_languageUser language preference6 months
cookie_notice_acceptedAccept cookies usage1 month

Using our services means that the user or visitor has been informed and that accepts this privacy policy. We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy at any time.

Last update: 08 January, 2024