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Privacy policy

This privacy statement will demonstrate our commitment to you, in a transparent and easily understandable explanation of data handling practices. By reading it, you will know exactly what data we collect, why we collect them and how we use them.

This policy applies to the page, applications and other services provided. In case other rules apply for specific services, these are analyzed in this statement. Unless otherwise specified, every new website or service is subject to this statement and therefore this policy. In addition, every new website or service added that has a special policy, the special policy applies in combination with this policy.

In short, the purpose of this statement is to inform you about:

  1. Which personal data we collect, for what purpose, to whom this data is disclosed and how these data are used.
  2. The options you have as regards the collecting of personal data during your visit in this website, application or the use of a service.
  3. How to contact us if you have questions regarding data collection and processing in any of our websites, applications or services.

Collection and processing purpose

Roadcosts Greece website, application or service collects personal data to ensure the correct operation of its services and to ensure the maximum user experience for its visitors. Some of them are collected during visitor’s navigation and use of website or application. Personal data are provided by the visitor when using a service such as the contact form. Mobile application may collect location data only for specific services provided. Visitors and users of our website or services belong to one or more of the following categories:

  1. Website visitors: When users simply navigate the website, data is collected for the purpose of analysis and monitoring to improve website’s user experience and provided services. Data that may be collected are IP addresses, geographical regions, visitor’s operating system and browser, visit duration and other data that refer to a visit session. To collect these data, website uses Google Analytics. Google Analytics uses cookies. Cookies are files that are stored in visitor’s browser and in this case, they analyze the use of the website by a visitor. (More information about Google Analytics policy here).
  2. Services users: Personal data are collected when a website or application visitor tries to contact Roadcosts Greece administrators. In specific, visitor uses personal data such as the first name, last name, email address or any other data that the visitor provides in ‘Subject’ and ‘Message’ text fields. This information is used by Roadcosts Greece administrators to contact the senders after their initial message. The same is true for all email addresses that exist in the website or application. Additionally, third party services collect data that are used by our software to provide services to our users. These services are Google Maps API (here and here) or Here Maps API (here).
  3. Application users: Location data collection is also happening when a user uses a specific service of geolocation and if user has given consent to do so. They are transmitted to third party APIs (referred above) to offer real time location services.


We do not sell or rent personal user identification information to others. We may share general aggregated demographic information with our partners or advertisers for the purposes outlined above. This is about information that is not related to personal identification information for our visitors.

Except from the cases that our website or application transmits data to third party APIs, any other information is maintained in our infrastructure in a secure way. Roadcosts Greece may use third party hosting providers to host its website or services. Personal data and information are not distributed for any reasons to other third parties, unless when disclosure is necessary for legal reasons or when a user consent exists.

There is a possibility that our website or application displays ads that are provided by providers of such services. They can create their own cookies. This privacy policy statement does not cover the use of cookies by any advertiser on the page. Once a visitor is redirected to these sites, this privacy policy no longer applies.

Time retained

Roadcosts Greece retains data collected only as long it is necessary, according to law regulations or your consent. In case that there no law obligations, you reserve the right at any time to ask us to delete your personal data (email) completely. For this, you can communicate at or at


In our website or application, we use cookies to improve user experience on the page. The browser you use saves cookies for historical reasons or other data storage purposes. Through your browser, you can choose whether you will receive cookies or be alerted whenever a cookie is added. However, if you do deactivate cookies, some of our services may not function properly. In our website the following cookies are used:

The use of our services means that user or visitor has been informed about the privacy policy and that they accept it. Roadcosts Greece reserves the right to update the privacy policy anytime.

Last update: 29th of September, 2019